Our latest breakthrough slicer technology!
What is AutoZero-Z?
The CompresstomeTM machines are precisely aligned in the factory to work in the optimal condition, given you zero ΔZ when slicing tissues.  We designed the blade holder specifically to operate in near zero z-axis deflection, without the need of optical alignment procedures.

The result is healthier surface cells for patch-clamping experiments and electrophysiology. For fixed tissues, there are almost no chattermarks, allowing for optimal immunohistochemistry staining.

Why was AutoZero-Z developed?
Many scientists around the world contacted us with the request that we create a pre-calibrated slicer with controlled vibrations in the Z-axis. The goal was to produce slices with a smoother surface after sectioning. For electrophysiologists, this is a crucial advantage because a healthier slice surface allows for easier patching of neurons. For sectioning of fixed tissues, AutoZero-Z allows for speedy cutting without leaving behind chattermarks, or "ridges" on the tissue surface, thus allowing for even staining of proteins with immunohistochemistry. 

You asked, and we listened! The result is the AutoZero-Z technology incorporated into three of our top Compresstome models.

If you already own a Compresstome, you can simply upgrade to a newer model that has the AutoZero-Z technology in the vibrating head unit, without having to buy a whole new slicer. Just contact us here for a quote for an upgrade!

  1. Healthier slices
    Better slice surface structure preservation--ideal for patch-clamp electrophysiology and imaging experiments of acute brain slices!
  2. Thinner minimum slice thickness
    By combining the AutoZero-ZTM and CompresstomeTM technology it is now possible to achieve an unprecedented fixed brain slice thickness of 3 µm without paraffin embedding or freezing.
  3. No vibration marks on fixed brain slices
    The result is a very smooth and flat slice surface which is optimal for histological processing.
  4. No optical alignment device is required
    Compresstome models with the AutoZero-Z technology requires no additional calibration for all of your experiments.
The zero-Z technology you know requires you to manually re-calibrate the machine every time you change the blade.  With our AutoZero-ZTM technology, all of the calibration is done before we ship our Compresstome™ to you.  

You never have to do any calibration.  

The special structures of the blade holder ensure the the same blade stability every time you slice.  By following a strict blade mounting procedure, the machines will operate in near zero-Z axis deflection, without the need of optical alignment procedures.​
Furthermore, with the patented compression technology stabilizing the tissue, we have stabilizd the Z-axis movement for both the blade and the tissue, achieving system wide zero-Z movement.
AutoZero-Z Models
Three AutoZero-ZTM models are available.  They are CompresstomeTM VF-200-0Z, VF-300-0Z and CompresstomeTM VF-700-0Z. 
  1. The VF-200-0Z is a semi automatic model with manual thickness control. 
  2. The VF-300-0Z is a fully automatic model with digital thickness control. 
  3. The VF-700-0Z is a full automatic model suitable only for fixed brain slice preparations. 
Both models are suitable for live brain slicing  as well as fixed brain slice preparations .   The VF-700-0Z has a larger specimen tube which can accommodate larger specimen samples.