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Auto Zero-Z 

Our latest breakthrough slicer technology!

What is AutoZero-Z?

Auto Zero-Z is our new technology where we have calibrated the vibrating blade head to function at near zero z-axis deflection. This means that when you are cutting a tissue sample, the blade does not oscillate in the z-axis.

What are the advantages of Auto Zero-Z?

The near zero deflection prevents shearing across the tissue surface, which gives you a smooth surface for each slice.
For electrophysiologists and researchers who want precision-cut tissue slices, Auto Zero-Z provides a crucial advantage because a smoother surface yields more viable cells.
For researchers sectioning fixed tissue for immunohistochemistry or in-situ hybridization experiments, Auto Zero-Z allows for speedy cutting without leaving behind vibration artifacts (called “chatter marks”). This enables you to evenly stain for protein or RNA.

Upgrading to Auto Zero-Z

If you already own a Compresstome (models VF-200 or VF-300), you can simply upgrade to a newer model that has the AutoZero-Z technology in the vibrating head unit, without having to buy a whole new slicer. Just contact us here for a quote for an upgrade!

Which Compresstomes models have Auto Zero-Z?

Three AutoZero-ZTM models are available. They are CompresstomeTM VF-200-0Z, VF-300-0Z and CompresstomeTM VF-700-0Z. Here is more information about each model:

The VF-200-0Z is a semi automatic model with manual thickness control.

The VF-300-0Z is a fully automatic model with digital thickness control.

The VF-700-0Z is a full automatic model suitable only for fixed brain slice preparations.

Both the VF-200-0Z and VF-300-0Z models are suitable for live brain slicing as well as fixed brain slice preparations. The VF-700-0Z has a larger specimen tube which can accommodate larger specimen samples.