Compresstome VF-700-0Z Tissue Slicer


The Compresstome® VF-700-0Z is a vibrating microtome for cutting tissue slices, similar to cryostats and vibratomes. This model comes with Auto Zero-Z technology, which removes Z-axis deflection by calibration during the manufacturing process. This means you never have to calibrate the slicer, and there is no shearing of tissue surfaces during sectioning! The VF-700-0Z can section both fixed and live tissues, is fully automated with an ability to cut down to 1 µm precision, and cuts tissue thicknesses ranging from 3 µm to 2000 µm, at 1 µm intervals.. Comes with full one (1) year limited warranty, with option for additional two (2) years warranty for purchase.


 –1 VF-700-0Z vibrating microtome with oscillating head unit

 –1 blade holder with Allen wrench

 –1 embedding specimen tube

 –1 chilling block

 –1 embedding ring

 –1 full year warranty