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How the Compresstome compares to other market slicers

We listened to scientists around the world on what they would like in a tissue slicer, and we implemented those features into the latest Compresstome models. Here is how our slicers compare to those on the market.

Other Tissue Slicers

Vibratome slicers are historically the standard source for laboratory and industry slicing. The only adjustable components include vibration amplitude, speed of blade movement, and the blade angle. There are 3 key disadvantages of vibratome slicers:

1. Extremely time consuming (slow cutting speed results in worse slice health)

2. Faster cutting speed causes chattermarks

3. Some tissues are difficult to cut without tearing or shearing

Compresstome Slicers

Our Compresstome slicers help overcome all 3 limitations of vibratome cutters!
Top reasons to choose Compresstome:


1. Generate fresh tissue sections 5 times faster

2. Can cut larger sized tissue sections

3. Cutting difficult tissues that are fibrous

4. No more chatter marks or shearing of tissue

Speed of cutting
The Compresstome can cut 5 times as faster as other market slicers–without jeopardizing the quality or health of the tissue. You will be able to rapidly generate fresh tissue session. The Compresstome’s superior cutting speed is highly advantageous for processing multiple tissue samples, and when time is a crucial factor for getting live tissue slices for electrophysiology and organotypic slices.
Tissue section quality
Slicing with any Compresstome model will help prevent chattermarks and shearing or tearing of tissues during the slicing process. In models with the AutoZero-Z patented technology, resulting immunohistochemical sections obtained with confocal microscopy show images with excellent quality, completely free of chatter streaks.
Specimen stabilization
Market slices often have a cutting stabilization problem: when a blade catches on fibrous tissue, it can dislodge the entire specimen that is glued to the holder. This problem is rarely experienced with the Compresstome. We use a specimen syringe to hold tissues, which stabilizes them during the cutting process.
Automatic zero-Z
Other market slicer’s zero-Z feature requires calibration and re-adjustment every time a blade is changed, the Compresstome’s automatic zero-Z capability never requires you to readjustment after it’s done in our factory. You will have automatic it zero-Z confidence without the hassle of adjusting it every time.
Size of sections
The Compresstome allows for enhanced structural stability of embedded tissues in the agarose specimen syringe. This allows for 60% larger sized sections. So for experiments where you need to slice larger pieces of tissue, such as pigs or primates, the Compresstome surpasses the size limitations of many other market slicers.
No tissue shearing!
By embedding tissues (live or fixed) into an agarose solution inside a specimen syringe, the Compresstome allows for smooth slicing of tissue surfaces. There are no chattermarks on tissue surfaces, and the syringe stabilizes the specimen to prevent shearing during the cutting process. The result is tissue slices with beautifully smooth surfaces without chattermarks that interfere with.