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Zero-Z without the hassle

You may be asking yourself, “how is the Compresstome different from a vibratome?”  You can read about a discussion thread on ResearchGate on selecting the best tissue sectioning tool for you.

The Compresstome is also the best machine to cut adult and senior brain slices.  The paper and the associated protocal can be found in Brain Slice Methods.

The VF-200-0Z is the AutoZero-ZTM version of our entry level Compresstome™.
With our compression technology, this semi-automated slicer excels at sectioning slices used for:

organotypic culture
precision-cut lung slices


Our slicer technology allows you to double your slice viability.  The Compresstome™ is also easy to use, and our online training videos will allow everyone in your lab to produce excellent slices.

Training Videos