What if my Compresstome® is not functioning optimally?

The simple answer is, contact us! We are happy to help troubleshoot your cutting parameters, as many low-quality sectioning issues are due to: The agarose concentration: too firm or too soft agarose concentration will interfere with how the samples are held in the agarose and how they exit the specimen tube to be cut (you […]

How do I keep the solution cold during slicing?

When cutting with the Compresstome®, the sections fall into a buffer tray as they are free floating. There are several ways to keep the solution cold during cutting, including: Place ice cubes directly in the buffer tray, as the vibrations of the blade holder will repel them from the sections being cut. Place an ice […]

What is a Compresstome®?

Precisionary Instruments Compresstome® tissue slicers are a type of vibrating microtome, otherwise known as a vibratome. We call ours the Compresstome® because our models utilize a patented compression technology that no other tissue slicer on the market possesses. This technology is found in the way our slicers are designed (cutting vertically as opposed to horizontally) and […]