What is a Compresstome®?

Precisionary Instruments Compresstome® tissue slicers are a type of vibrating microtome, otherwise known as a vibratome. We call ours the Compresstome® because our models utilize a patented compression technology that no

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Because precision-cut tissue slices (PTCS) are such a fine and delicate laboratory technique, obtaining healthy tissue slices with many viable cells is crucial to successful experiments.

Cutting brain slices also needs to occur rapidly to prevent cell death.💢

How do we make choices related to protecting the environment?🌳 How do we choose whether to recycle or not?

The answers are explored in neuroeconomics, which studies our brains' roles in allocating resources and making decisions that have short- and long-term benefits.🧠

Organotypic cultured slices preserve the 3D cytoarchitecture of cell populations and are an accessible system that allows for short- and long-term experimental manipulations.👀

Our rotary microtome RF-1000 is a FULLY AUTOMATED model ideal for repetitive tissue slicing.

This model is our top-of-the-line microtome and tissue slicer for histopathology.

We have our RF-1000 available and in stock, so order yours today!

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