Partnerships & Distributors

We partner with companies worldwide to bring our innovative tissue slicers and microtomes directly to your lab and clinic

United States

Precisionary Instruments is a company founded and located in the United States. We sell directly to all customers in the United States, so contact us!

North America

Global Distributors Scireq


Liah Fereydoonzad

(514) 286-1429 ext. 138

Global Distributors SciSys

Scientific Systems Design Inc (SciSys)

Shane Ji

+1 (905) 608-9307


Global Distributors MCI

Micro Control Instruments Ltd

Jordaan Sias

+44 (0) 1825 890 858

Global Distributors Micro Mecanique

Micro Mecanique

Lionel Malecot

3 367-236-4541

Global Distributors ScopPro

Scop Pro

Tristan (
Lauriane (

+33(0)1 64 93 94 07

Global Distributors Crisel Instruments

Crisel Instruments

Niko Viggianiello +39 063-540-2933

Alessandro Rossi



Global Distributors WPI

World Precision Instruments (WPI)

Nicole Gong (

Kexiang Yin (

86 18616575517

Global Distributors Brainvision


Kenji Tsubokura


Global Distributors Biochiefdom

Biochiefdom INternational Co

Samuel Yen

Global Distributors JinOptic


DaeYoung Kim
Ms. Haelim Dang
Jae-Hwan Jin


Global Distributors Kim & Friends Inc

Kim & Friends Inc

Boyoul Kim

TaeYoung Byun (secondary contact)


Global Distributors SciTech Korea

SciTech Korea Inc

Bk Yu

+82 2 986 4413

Middle East

Global Distributors NBT


Nadav Shechter