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Applications in Precision-cut Lung Slices (PCLS)

Ricardo Pineda, University of Pittsburgh

“In our lab we use human and mice precision-lung cut slices to model pulmonary fibrosis, COPD, and to study the mechanisms involved in lung regeneration and aging. We use human tissue samples to identify and investigate target signal pathways and novel therapeutic agents. We use the PCLS in experiments involving slice culture, immunofluorescence, single cell isolation for flow cytometry and RNA seq.”

Stitched image of a Z-stack confocal image taken from a 300 um in thickness and 1.0 cm in diameter mouse Precision-Cut Lung Slice immunostained against Collagen 1a1. Secondary antibody Alexa Fluor 647. 20X Taken on a Nikon A1 Confocal. 


Vikram Rao, Pliant Therapeutics

“I like to do lung and liver biology research particularly focusing on pharmacology and use of precision-cut tissue slices. Using the slices, we get better understand as to how our drugs can work on the tissue level. Instead of working with individual cell types, we can get an idea how drugs work on diseased tissue. These are cultured precision-cut liver slices from fibrotic liver tissue.”

Astero Klampatsa, 

Localisation of T cells within a fibrotic mesothelioma tumor, following CAR T cell therapy (Image by confocal microscopy. Blue: DAPI, Red: CD8, Green: CD90)

For over 20 years, Precisionary’s vibratomes have played a pivotal role in research labs worldwide

  •  The #1 vibratome used for making PCLS
  • Over 1000 peer-reviewed articles have been made possible with our high quality tissue sections
  • Click here for the top PCLS references and protocols.

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