Compresstome Vibrating Microtomes

Types of Microtome Blades

Microtome blades are used in microtomes to cut thin slices, or sections, of tissue samples for microscopic examination. The slices are typically less than 50 micrometers thick and are used

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New Partnership with Green Leaf Scientific

Precisionary Instruments and Greenleaf Scientific Announce Partnership to Help Streamline Tissue Sectioning in Life Sciences Precisionary Instruments LLC, a leading designer and manufacturer of tissue slicers and microtomes, and Green

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Slicing the spinal cord part 1 and 2

Slicing the Spinal Cord

How do I embed and cut great spinal cord slice? You asked, and we listened! We realized that embedding spinal cord tissue for cutting slices is quite difficult. Working with

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Compresstome VF-800-0Z Cerebellum Primate Brain

Meet Our Compresstome VF-800-0Z!

Most basic science researchers use mice or rats as their animal model of choice. But what if you study larger animal models like guinea pigs, cats, non-human primates, and humans?

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Because precision-cut tissue slices (PTCS) are such a fine and delicate laboratory technique, obtaining healthy tissue slices with many viable cells is crucial to successful experiments.

Cutting brain slices also needs to occur rapidly to prevent cell death.💢

How do we make choices related to protecting the environment?🌳 How do we choose whether to recycle or not?

The answers are explored in neuroeconomics, which studies our brains' roles in allocating resources and making decisions that have short- and long-term benefits.🧠

Organotypic cultured slices preserve the 3D cytoarchitecture of cell populations and are an accessible system that allows for short- and long-term experimental manipulations.👀

Our rotary microtome RF-1000 is a FULLY AUTOMATED model ideal for repetitive tissue slicing.

This model is our top-of-the-line microtome and tissue slicer for histopathology.

We have our RF-1000 available and in stock, so order yours today!

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