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Purechat: Quick Customer Service!

Published on August 8, 2022
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Have a question but don’t want to wait? Ask us on PureChat!

At Precisionary Instruments we always want to hear from you, our customers! Every time you visit our website, you’ll be greeted with our friendly invite to come and chat with us. If you click on the popup and fill out the small form with your name, contact information, and your question, then you’ll be connected with one of our qualified scientific sales consultants. We make sure that you are always greeted by a real person on our team rather than an unhelpful robot!

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Highly trained team of scientists, ready to help

At Precisionary Instruments our sales team is made up of highly qualified and experienced scientists. Whether your question is as simple as figuring out how to place an order for some more consumables, or as complex as helping to troubleshoot why your electrophysiology patch-clamping experiments aren’t coming out perfectly, our highly trained staff is at the ready!

Many of our customers find it hard to decide on which Compresstome model is best for them, and we’re here to help demystify the whole process. Let us make the process a little easier by discussing it with us in real time. If you’re unfamiliar with how our equipment works in comparison to the more traditional market vibratomes, please ask us. It’s one of our favorite questions to answer!

We make sure each and every one of your questions are fully answered and will follow up with any specific requests made via your provided contact information. There are absolutely no dumb questions. Our team are friendly, patient, and are always happy to help guide you in your tissue slicing endeavors. Wish you had something on your tissue slicer to further optimize your results? Let us know and chances are we will be able to accommodate with the vast parts and consumables items on our E-Store! Never used a Compresstome® and want to list your concerns with us? We’d be happy to hear them and demystify the technology! So, come on by an and say hello on our live chat messaging system!

Anytime, Anywhere!

Whether you’re in Shanghai, Berlin, or right down the road from us in Boston, our live chat system is always up and running. No question you submit will ever go unanswered. If no one is available to answer your question at the exact moment you submit it, you will get an email response from us within 1 business day!

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