Like all vibrating microtomes, the Compresstome® tissue slicer produces free-floating sections that are collected in a buffer tray. Based on customer feedback, we designed and developed several types of buffer trays to meet a wide variety of research needs. Let us introduce you to the product line:

Polycaronate Buffer Tray:

The buffer tray that comes with every Compresstome is made of high-quality, durable Lexan polycarbonate. These can be cleaned and disinfected with 10% bleach or 70% ethanol. We recommend not using acetone to clean these trays. The polycarbonate buffer tray is the default tray that comes with all Compresstome® tissue slicers.

Stainless Steel Buffer Tray:

We have engineered and designed a new stainless steel buffer tray that is autoclavable. Therefore, researchers can fully decontaminate the tray after each procedure. This buffer tray is best suited for research using DNA, RNA, stem cells, organotypic culture slices, and tumor tissue.

Double Wall Buffer Tray:

Our newest addition to the buffer tray product line is the double wall buffer tray, which is a polycarbonate tray with a space that allows for ice. This buffer tray is recommended for researchers doing live tissue slicing, such as for electrophysiology, calcium imaging. Here is what the double wall buffer tray looks like:

The cool part is: All of the buffer trays are removable and can be interchanged between experiments. Labs can order two buffer trays, then have one tray for fixed tissues and one tray for live tissue cutting, which prevents cross contamination.

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