Compresstome VF-500-0Z Released

Most recently, in 2022, we officially launched our newest Compresstome® model, the VF-500-0Z vibrating microtome. This fully automatic tissue slicer takes the best components of both the Legacy line of Compresstome® models combined with the ease-of-use features of the VF-310-0Z. This is our recommended model for electrophysiology experiments, although like all Compresstome® models, has the ability to cut a wide range of tissue organ types for a variety of slicing needs. For those familiar with our Legacy line of Compresstome® models, we encourage you to give our newest VF-500-0Z model a try should you be looking to expand your lab or increase your experimental protocol. For those looking for a more compact model with additional control features, the VF-310-0Z may be better suited for you.

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