Invention of “Auto Zero-Z” Technology

Dr. Kong knew the Compresstome® tissue slicers had room for improvements and continued to work to invent the patented Auto Zero-Z® technology for them. He found that with traditional vibratomes, it was cumbersome to manually adjust and calibrate the vibrating head unit before every experiment. Why couldn’t the tissue slicer do that itself? With the Compresstome®, they can! Dr. Kong updated his original Compresstome® slicers to invent both the VF-200-0Z and VF-300-0Z models. Our patented Auto Zero-Z® is equipped on all models ending in “-0Z” and involves the z-axis deflection (Auto Zero-Z®) built directly into the vibrating head units during manufacturing. This means the user does not need to calibrate the machine every time they use it and so the produced slices are consistent, even throughout, and free of vibration artifacts.

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