New Compresstome VF-210-0Z and VF-310-0Z Models Released

Fast forward 14 years later, and Dr. Kong’s work on the Legacy Line of Compresstome® tissue slicers inspired our expert engineering and sales team to invent the updated versions of the VF-200-0Z and VF-300-0Z models. With the valuable feedback from our customers, Precisionary Instruments worked to produce an even more user-friendly version of the Compresstome® Vibrating Microtome, and the VF-210-0Z and VF-310-0Z models were born! Keeping the original mode of cutting, protocol for preparing the tissue sample, and of course the patented compression technology and Auto Zero-Z® capability, the Compresstome® tissue slicer continues to produce the superior quality sections for a variety of research needs.

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