Precisionary Instruments is Launched!

Precisionary Instruments was founded in 2004 by Dr. Jian-Qiang Kong, Ph.D, the creator and inventor of the Compresstome® tissue slicer. Dr. Kong worked in academic research, producing fresh brain tissue slices for patch-clamp electrophysiology experiments. At the time, he was using a traditional vibratome. Through these experiments Dr. Kong found that his produced sections had increasingly inconsistent slice thicknesses, were thicker at the slice edge, and had vibration artifacts that no amount of vibratome settings could fix. He was not producing the superior quality sections he needed for his research and at the time, there were not many options to change this. Dr. Kong was passionate about making the difference he wanted to see in his produced sections and began brainstorming ideas. As a result, he founded Precisionary Instruments to help meet those needs.

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