Precisionary Cryostat CF-6000

  • Our CF-6000 cryostat is our top model to help researchers achieve high quality tissue sections. The specimen holder has 360-degree specimen orientation, and cutting capabilities include cutting down to 1-µm sections. The CF-6000 features a stable specimen clamp and flat specimen discs for stable, vibration-free cutting. The freezing chamber has a UV disinfection system and can be rapidly cooled to -35 °C within one hour. This system comes with an anti-roll slide guide apparatus to aid in cutting frozen sections that do not curl. The CF-6000 has an automatic defrost system built in, with cool air circulation that automatically starts to cool air circulating around the cutting specimen, knife, and anti-roll guide. The CF-6000 cryostat features a dual compressor system, which increases the durability of its freezing capabilities.
  • Prices upon request, and discounts are offered for research labs. Quote request form is below.

Precisionary Cryostat CF-6000

  • Reduced infection risk
    • Our cryostat has UVC disinfection to optimize safety for cutting cryosections.
  • Facilitation of waste removal
    • Built-in vacuum system reduces tissue debris during cutting and improves waste removal.
  • Superior tissue section quality
    • High precision in the stepper motor specimen feed
    • Flat-plate specimen clamping apparatus for flat slices (no tissue curling)
    • Vibration-free cutting prevents chatter marks and artifacts on tissue slices
  • Affordable
    • Affordable prices with offered discounts
    • Commitment to making research equipment available for all laboratories
  • High durability
    • Dual compressor for controlled and durable chilling
    • High-efficiency refrigeration system
  • User-friendly
    • Structured workspace inside chamber and above dashboard for more space
    • Easy-to-use and clearly labeled control panel
    • Continuous display of operating parameters, cutting specifications, and temperatures
    • Ergonomic hand wheel prevents operating fatigue

Precisionary Cryostat CF-6000

  • Research: frozen sections for histology, pathology, neuroscience, neurobiology, and many other specialties.
  • Clinical: frozen sections for in-operation analysis of biopsies.
  • Industry: frozen sections for company research & development.

Precisionary Cryostat CF-6000

Cutting thickness range

1 µm – 100 µm (adjustable)

1 µm – 20 µm (in 1 µm precision increments)

20 µm – 40 µm (in 2 µm precision increments)

40 µm – 100 µm (in 5 µm precision increments)

Maximum specimen size

55 mm x 60 mm

Specimen retraction range

0 µm – 80 µm (adjustable in 5 µm increments)

Machine Specifications

Weight: 150 kg

Dimensions (WxDxH): 80 x 70 x 119 cm

Power: SECOP compressor (500 VA)

Trimming thickness range

10 µm – 400 µm (adjustable)

10 µm – 50 µm (in 5 µm precision increments)

50 µm – 100 µm (in 10 µm precision increments)

100 µm – 400 µm (in 50 µm precision increments)

Horizontal specimen feed

22 mm

Vertical specimen feed

72 mm

Motorized course feed (2 speeds)

350 µm/s

700 µm/s

Freezing Specifications

Freeze chamber temperature: -10  ̊C to  -40  ̊C

Specimen holder temperature: -10  ̊C to  -40  ̊C

Freeze shelf minimum temperature: -45  ̊C

Cool time to -40 C: 40 – 60 min

Peltier working time: 15 min

Precisionary Cryostat CF-2600

  • Basic cryostat equipment
  • Knife holders
  • Knife holder base
  • Disposable blades
  • Reusable knives
  • Consumables
  • Accessories
  • Power cords
  • Compressors