How do I clean the Compresstome®? Is the Compresstome® UV safe?

There are several ways to clean the Compresstome® and the parts of the machine. Including:

  • The base of the machine can be cleaned with 70% isopropanol or 70% ethanol solution, as well as 10% bleach.
  • The buffer tray and specimen tube adapter base can also be cleaned with 70% isopropanol, 70% ethanol, or 10% bleach solution. Do not use any higher concentrated/corrosive solutions when cleaning the buffer tray!
  • The blade holder and specimen tubes can be cleaned by soaking in acetone. Specifically, our Compresstome® models include a blade holder bath/acetone bath for easily cleaning the blade holders.
  • Yes, the Compresstome® is UV safe.
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