Is agarose embedding safe? Can I use the Compresstome® without agarose embedding?

Yes, agarose embedding is safe when using the Compresstome®! This has been our protocol for over 15 years and has been tried and true in over hundreds of labs all around the globe. We provide low-melting agarose tablets with all Compresstome® orders (in our Starter Kit of consumables) as well as for purchase in quantities of 10, 20, 50 and 100 tablets. The agarose embedding is safe for all tissue types because of our protocol to use the chilling block immediately after embedding your sample within the metal tube. The chilling block gels the agarose and takes ~30 seconds or less to do; while keeping your sample at biologically safe temperatures throughout the entire process. 

We do not recommend using the Compresstome® without agarose embedding as the agarose provides 360˚ stability within the specimen tube, aids in the compression technology, and ultimately assists in producing the high-quality sections the Compresstome® cuts.

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