What are the advantages of the Compresstome over other market tissue slicers or vibratomes?

The advantages of the Compresstome outweigh other market slicers for many reasons. These reasons include:

  1. The speed of cutting while using a Compresstome is 5x faster than other market slicers! You will get superior slices, without chattermarks, using a speed that is faster than the competitors slicers. Other market slicers require slower speeds to reduce the amount of chattermarks on slices. With the Compresstome, you will get twice as much work done in half the amount of time as using other market slicers.
  2. The surface of slices using the Compresstome are much more clear, flat, and chattermark free! The Compresstome stabilizes tissue samples throughout the entire sectioning process using patented compression technology. In short, the Compresstome tissue slicer prevents damage to the tissue microstructure.
  3. The Compresstome has flexible temperature conditions compared to other market slicers that need to freeze the slices before they are sectioned. The Compresstome can section tissues from a range of temperatures (0 to 37 degrees celsius), without the need to freeze tissues before-hand.
  4. The protocol for the Compresstome is more simpler and repeatable compared to other market slicers. The Compresstome tissue slicer only requires agarose tissue embedding before cutting. No liquid nitrogen freezing is necessary, like the other market slicers, saving you time and money on completing your experiments.
  5. We have models that are fully automated! Which means no more tedious wheel cranking for slices that other market slicers require.
  6. The Compresstome tissue slicer offers a wide range of tissue thicknesses, from 4µm to 2000 µm precision. Other market slicers have smaller ranges (5µm to 40µm), or can only cut larger thicknesses of tissue. Super thin slices are optimal for electron microscopy, which can expand your experimental possibilities!
  7. The Compresstome tissue slicer is portable and convenient. Weighing just under 20lbs, it can easily be moved throughout a lab by one person. Other market slicers are large (~300lbs) and need multiple people to move.
  8. The Compresstome tissue slicer offers superior quality slices at much lower prices than the other market slicers. Save money and get better results using the Compresstome!

The Compresstome tissue slicer has many advantages over other tissue slicers. With a wide range of slicing capabilities, it is ideal for many tissue types, animal types, and experiments. Contact us today to see how the Compresstome tissue slicer can benefit you!

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