What is a Compresstome®?

Precisionary Instruments Compresstome® tissue slicers are a type of vibrating microtome, otherwise known as a vibratome. We call ours the Compresstome® because our models utilize a patented compression technology that no other tissue slicer on the market possesses. This technology is found in the way our slicers are designed (cutting vertically as opposed to horizontally) and more importantly, in our specimen tubes.The specimen tube is the stage for your sample to be cut when using the Compresstome®. It is a two-part system consisting of an inner plastic plunger and an outer metal tube. The metal tube has a slightly indented, compression lip at the one end of the tube and this is what is gently compressing your agarose-embedded sample as it exits the tube to be cut. Your sample sits on the plastic plunger and gets pulled down within the metal tube to then be embedded with a low-melting agarose. The agarose is then chilled with a chilling block and the agarose assists with the compression technology. As the agarose-embedded sample exits the tube, the blade comes down and makes a cut right at that site of compression. This is how the Compresstome® creates even, consistent slices every time you cut.

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