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What is the difference between the rotary microtome models from Precisionary Instruments?

We carry three (3) types of rotary microtomes. These are the RF-600, RF-800, and RF-1000 models. 

  • The RF-600 is a manual model. This means that moving the specimen head forward and backward is done manually. Faster movement can be achieved using a coarse handwheel located on the left hand side of the RF-600 rotary microtome. Cutting movements using the handwheel are also done manually.
  • The RF-800 is a semi-automated rotary microtome. This means that the forward and backward movement of the specimen head can be controlled electronically. You can advance your sample using controls on the LCD screen, and there are fast, slow, and single “click” movements. Cutting movements using the handwheel is done manually.
  • The RF-1000 is a fully automated rotary microtome. This means that movement of the specimen head, as well as cutting, can both be completed electronically and automatically! 

There are additional differences in the technical specifications of these 3 rotary microtome models, which you can explore in detail here