What is the difference between the VF-310-0Z, VF-500-0Z, and VF-210-0Z models?

The biggest difference between these models is the automation. The Compresstome® VF-310-0Z and VF-500-0Z models are fully automated models, which means that there is both ‘Single’ and ‘Continuous’ cutting modes when operating them. The micrometer sits in the control box and automatically advances your sample forward to be cut, depending on the slice thickness display that the user sets on the control box. These units can cut either one slice at a time or continuous slices and the mode is easily set via a switch on the control box. For these reasons, the VF-310-0Z and VF-500-0Z models are excellent options for producing super thin sections, down to ~10 µm.

On the other hand, the VF-210-0Z is a semi-automated model meaning it can only cut one slice at a time. There is no continuous cutting mode as this model’s micrometer is a manual dial that the user needs to turn to their desired slice thickness in between each slice that is produced. Because of this manual micrometer, this model is recommended for fresh tissue slicing or producing sections >20 µm.

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