What are the advantages of cutting fixed tissue with the Compresstome instead of a cryostat?

The Compresstome slicer can cut fixed tissue slices better than a cryostat for many reasons. These include:

  • The Compresstome slicer produces even thickness of slices throughout the entire slice. This means it can cut continuous slices of even thickness, where a cryostat is less consistent and produces thicker slices at slice edges.
  • The weight of the Compresstome is low, meaning it carries a lighter footprint and is easy to carry and move in the lab, even by one person! The cryostat is heavy (300 lbs) and needs more than one person to move and carry.  
  • The cost of the Compresstome is lower than the cryostat (35K-55K), it is very affordable compared to the cryostat, saving you money!
  • A cryostat freezes your tissues before it slices them, increasing the possibility of thawed tissue outcome which can crack during slicing. Because of this, it is difficult for a cryostat to slice tissues into larger thicknesses. The Compresstome tissue slicer can cut fresh and fixed tissues without needing to freeze them. The Compresstome has a larger range of cutting slice thickness (4 – 2000 µm), and your tissues will be crack free, well preserved, and most optimal for your experimental needs.

Using a Compresstome slicer over the cryostat saves you time, money, and produces the best cut slices for your experimental needs. Contact us today to see how the Compresstome slicer will benefit you and your lab!

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