For many of you who are devoted to pain research, it’s likely that you need to make tissue slices of the brain or spinal cord. What do you use for making healthy lives slices for electrophysiology? What do you use for creating smooth, thin sections for immuno?

We’d like to introduce you to a revolutionary tissue slicer, called the Compresstome®, which is designed, patented and manufactured by Precisionary Instruments in Boston, MA. Visit us at to explore the entire product line of Compresstomes®.

What makes the Compresstome® tissue slicer so beneficial to pain research?

The Compresstome® is one of the highest quality tissue slicers on the market. You can achieve slice thickness ranging from 4 µm –  2000 µm for fresh or fixed tissue. Both of which can be cut with one machine—the buffer tray and blade holders are interchangeable. Here are some additional key features of the Compresstome®:

  • High quality slices: variety of oscillation and speed settings helps cut through fibrous spinal cord and brainstem slices
  • Agarose embedding: Easy and quick protocol that prevents tissue shearing.
  • Improved slice health: Highest cell count on fresh tissue for electrophysiology.
  • Chattermark free: Smoother sections for better immunohistochemistry stains.
  • Fully automated: Serial sectioning results in the fastest cutting experience. Cuts 5X faster than other market vibrating microtomes.
  • Cost: Most affordable vibrating microtomes on the market. Contact us for a quote and we’ll give you a discount if you mention this blog!
  • Rental Program: We are the only vibrating microtome company to offer rent-to-own or monthly lease of the Compresstome® so that you can test it out on experiments before committing to buy.

We Support Pain Research!

Mouse hippocampus slice made with the Compresstome® VF-300-0Z slicer. Smooth, even surfaces allow for the best immunohistochemistry staining.

We are a group of scientists and engineers at Precisionary Instruments who highly value neuroscience research. We understand that electrophysiology is challenging, so we designed the Compresstome® to yield fresh, healthy tissue slices with a greater number of live neurons for your experiments. To cut fixed tissue, the slicer is appropriate for immunohistochemistry and in-situ hybridization.

Finally, we have a full line of training videos to help you see the Compresstome® in action, and to help you get started:

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