We are launching two new Compresstome tissue slicer models: VF-210-0Z and VF-310-0Z. Save 15% on these two vibrating microtome models during the month of January. Here’s why we think you’ll love the new tissue slicers:


compresstome tissue slicer feature list




Applications for using the VF-210-0Z and VF-310-0Z vibrating microtomes include:

  • Electrophysiology (mouse & rat brains)
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • In-situ hybridization
  • Organotypic slice culture (including tumor studies)
  • Precision-cut tissue slices (lung slices)

For this month only, we are offering customers a chance to purchase these models at a significant savings. This exclusive offer includes a 15% discount on the new  VF-210-0Z or VF-310-0Z vibrating microtomes.

Contact us if you have questions about our vibrating microtomes. We would be happy to hear from you:

Website: precisionary.com

Phone: 617-682-0586

E-mail: info@precisionary.com

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