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Look for the Compresstome® on ResearchGate

Published on October 18, 2021

A Social Network for Scientists

Described by the New York Times as a “mashup of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn”, ResearchGate is a social network bringing together academics from around the globe. The media may focus on the big guns of the tech world, but quietly now Researchgate has become an instrumental tool for scientists around the world. With it you can share your research around the globe, learn about new products and techniques, and connect with other top minds around the globe.

Compresstome on ResearchGate

Connecting labs to radically speed up the pace of change!

As our planet gets more and more interconnected, it seems like everything has just turned hyperbolic. The pace of change has radically altered the world we live in. Science on the other hand can’t be rushed, or it could have devastating consequences. Yet change is still happening at breakneck speeds! This is possible due to the interconnected world we live in. Never before has it been so easy to share key data to anyone who may benefit from it. The global workforce in research has been growing at unprecedented rates, and through tools like ResearchGate, scientists in developing countries can connect to the resources and labs in the more industrialized world.

A Forum for Discussion

ResearchGate allows scientists from around the globe not only to connect to each other, but to discuss anything and everything, including the best research tools!

Compresstome on ResearchGate discussion

“I am now using the Compresstome for human brain slicing and whole cell patching with excellent success, in some cases the live tissue comes from patients that are up to 70 years old”

– Dr. Jonathan Ting, The Allen Institute for Brain Science

See Compresstome on ResearchGate

To see a discussion on the best vibratomes for patch-clamp electrophysiology, click here!

Precisionary Instruments and our revolutionary Compresstome love to support researchers around the globe. We employ a team of knowledgeable scientists to help you with your research, and we’re always willing to provide discounts to ResearchGate members!

The Compresstome was created by scientists, for scientists. We’ve come a long way since the beginning, but we’re proud of how the Compresstome stacks up against the competition!

Click here to see why we feel so confident in saying that!

The Compresstome® helps preserve tissue architecture, and the agarose embedding material does not infiltrate the tissue. The surface of the tissue has even texture, with no chattermarks, and remains smooth for immunohistochemical staining.”

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