Sectioning Mature Animal Tissues

The Compresstome® makes possible research on neurodegenerative diseases












18 month old mouse – striatal cholinergic neuron


Enabling Research on Elderly Diseases


Many disease models, genetic defects and geriatric diseases do not show symptoms until adult or senior age. In neuroscience researches, one of the limitations for acute brain slice model is that it is very difficult to obtain healthy slices from older animals. Over 90% of the brain slice studies were carried out on animals younger than 40 days (mice or rats). There usually was a time gap between the cell physiology data and the onset of the disease symptoms that makes data correlation or interpretation difficult.


Recently, there is a substantial progress in the method for preparing adult brain slices. By using Compresstome™ microtome and a unique sectioning protocol, Dr. Ting at the Allen Institute can routinely obtain healthy adult and senior adult brain slices for patch clamp recording. This allows much more accurate study of elderly diseases.  You can discover the procedures and methodologies of this approach at


The Compresstome™ semi-automated VF-200-0z and fully automated VF-300-0z produce the highest quality brain slices for these researches.