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Meet the Compresstome VF-310-0Z Tissue Slicer!

Published on March 6, 2023

We started in 2004 with the very first Compresstome® vibratome. More than a decade later, we bring you our newest member of the Compresstome® vibratome family: The Compresstome VF-310-0Z!

Compresstome VF-310-0Z front view
Compresstome VF-310-0Z side view

New and Improved Features:

We’ve taken a comprehensive look at our instrument and revamped many aspects of its design. One thing you loved about our previous VF-300-0Z was its unique customizability. Being able to section both fresh and fixed tissue on the same machine was invaluable for labs who simply can’t afford to have separate instruments for all types. Here are some key new VF-310-0Z features:

  • Removable buffer tray and tube adapter assembly
  • Fixed angle blade holder attachment. No more alignment needed!
  • Now offering an extra-large 22mm diameter specimen tube
  • Attached control box
  • Slice number and total thickness counters
  • Improved design, materials, and build quality for greater durability and reliability
  • Quality control check for each VF-310-0Z

Come check out the all new VF-310-0Z HERE at our website along with all the other favorites of the Compresstome® family.

Compresstome VF-310-0Z for PCLS:

The term “precision-cut tissue slices” or PCTS refers to live or fresh tissue slices that are cut to a precise thickness—hence the description “precision-cut.” These slices are used for functional studies, such as bronchial contractions in lung, renal fibrosis, and livery disease. PCTS are kept “alive” as organotypic culture slices, and are used in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology, and physiology.

For instance, here is a precision-cut lung slice made with the Compresstome® for studying bronchial constriction:

Compresstome VF-310-0Z for PCLS

How does the Compresstome® make precision-cut tissue slices?

Since its development in 2004, the Compresstome® has been widely used by researchers worldwide for making PCTS. Advantages of our vibratome include:

  • Continuous automated slicing (with the option to select the “single slice” mode)
  • Minimal fine tunings required (easy to use!)
  • Simple engineering, fewer steps in preparing to cutting and slice retrieval
  • Excellent subsequent tissue slice biological performances
  • Doubles length of slice healthy and cell survival in culture

Additional Applications of the Compresstome VF-310-0Z:

Our Compresstome VF-310-0Z can also help you in many other experiments, including making tissue slices for immunohistochemistry (IHC), in-situ hybridization (ISH), imaging, and (organotypic) slice cultures.

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