About Us

Our motto is “By scientists, for scientists” because Precisionary Instruments was established through a collaboration between scientists and engineers, to serve the needs of scientists worldwide. With over a decade of in-depth experience in designing and improving vibratomes and tissue slicers, we continue to work directly with scientists and engineers to improve the Compresstome ®  vibratome.

George Kong, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

George is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Precisionary Instruments and co-founder of the company in 2004. He brings a combination of experience and education in engineering, sales & marketing, and with extensive management expertise managing across these multiple disciplines. He has experience in product development in both the technical and scientific instruments arena, having managed cross-functional, cross-geo teams in both U.S. and China.

Abigail Chu, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Abigail is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Precisionary Instruments and serves as the co-PI of
many collaborative projects that the company has with research labs at Harvard Medical School. She has 15 years of in-depth experience in studies of neuroplasticity and has a research
background in biology.

Laura Fleury, Lead Engineer

Laura is a mechanical engineer with a background in biotechnology and robotics. Inducted into STEM at early age, she spent most of her life asking how things work. She now uses her experience in research and industry to turn ideas into working realities.

Azzitta Rahmani, Scientific Sales Consultant

Azzitta Rahmani is a healthcare entrepreneur with expertise in biotechnology management and product strategy. She earned her Masters in Biotechnology from Harvard and B.S. in Biochemistry from University of California, Merced. During her graduate work at Harvard she co-lead the production of The Fundamentals of Neuroscience online course. More recently, Azzitta completed her certification in Product Development in New York, focusing on product growth and team leadership.

Benjamin Krol, Scientific Sales Consultant

Benjamin Krol is a Scientific Sales Consultant at Precisionary Instruments LLC. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Massachusetts – Boston. He has a broad range of background and experience ranging from Computer Science to Film Production. Ben utilizes his educational background in biochemistry, his diverse experience, and friendly personality as a point of contact for Precisionary Instruments.