During your experiments, have you wanted to take images of each slice before they are cut? We now have a block-face imaging camera system for the Compresstome vibrating microtome that capture slice-by-slice images as you make tissue sections.

Shown above are mouse brain slices being cut, with individual images taken after each slice.

Working in collaboration with scientists and engineers at the Allen Institute, we have developed a new block-face imaging system that is compatible with the following Compresstome vibrating microtome models:

Our block-face camera system features an adjustable lens for focusing. The camera can capture images through single-wall polycarbonate buffer trays. The entire unit can connect by USB to your research laptop, and we include the software needed for capturing images with metadata and storage. The camera system will include:

  • 1 Compresstome® camera imaging unit
  • 1 camera system mount
  • 2 bolts/screws for unit stabilization
  • 1 camera unit cover in stainless steel
  • 1 camera lens
  • 1 computer software program

Meet our new camera for block-face imaging of tissue sections with the Compresstome tissue slicer:

Side view:

Top view: Note that the camera system securely attaches to the Compresstome vibrating microtome base.

Camera system unit (front view): LED lights on both sides of lens.

Camera system unit (back view): Focus adjustment knob, and USB cable for connection to computer.

The camera system is easy to install on your current Compresstome tissue slicer. Feel free to contact us, and we are happy to hear from you! Ask us for a quote about the camera.

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Phone: 617-682-0586
E-mail: info@precisionary.com

Free Quote Request: https://dev-precisionary.pantheonsite.io/instant-quote/

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