Introducing the Compresstome VF-500-0Z

Specially tailored for those who do electrophysiology, we have developed a new and improved model called the Compresstome VF-500-0Z.

What are the key features?


Improved slice health

  • The Compresstome VF-500-0Z can section tissues to as thin as 2 µm thick. This prevents tissue loss and damage and is an excellent feature for brain connectome 3D reconstruction.
  • Improves brain slice viability
  • Manual blade alignment allows for a smaller gap (<0.1mm) between the cutting blade and the specimen tube edge.


Improved durability

  • The Compresstome VF-500-0Z uses a linear recirculating ball bearing for the vibration head. This helps to reduce blade wobbling.
  • The linear bearing is fully rubber sealed, to prevent dust and buffer ion build-up.


Replacement of VF-300-0Z

  • The new VF-500-0Z model will be replacing the VF-300-0Z. For a limited time, we are offering a 20% discount on the new VF-500-0Z model.


  • Patch-clamp electrophysiology
  • Live cell imaging
  • Multiple electrode array (MEA) recording

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