Meet Our Compresstome VF-800-0Z!

Most basic science researchers use mice or rats as their animal model of choice. But what if you study larger animal models like guinea pigs, cats, non-human primates, and humans? When it comes to making tissue slices from larger mammals, you may have trouble finding an appropriate vibrating microtome or tissue slicer for larger sized samples.

That’s where the Precisionary Compresstome VF-800-0Z tissue slicer comes in handy! 


Our VF-800-0Z vibrating microtome is a large-sized microtome specifically designed to help cut samples from larger mammals. For instance, if you study non-human primates and need to make brain sections, then the Compresstome VF-800-0Z may be the best model. Many neuroanatomy and neuropathology experiments require sectioning entire brains from these animals. The VF-800-0Z is capable of sectioning slices for these large primates down to 40 microns.

Figure 1. Precision-cut lung slice (PCLS) made with the Compresstome® showing bronchial contractions.

Key Features of the VF-800-0Z:

    • Sample size diameter can be up to 100mm
    • Compression technology is preserved
    • Cuts consistent, reliable sections
    • Great for fixed tissues
    • Horizontal, top-facing cutting mechanism


Applications include:

    • Human brain tissue
    • Non-human primate tissue
    • Whole organs
    • Large lung lobes
    • and more!


Technical Specifications:

If you are interested in our Compresstome tissue slicers, or have any questions, please contact us:


Precisionary Instruments


Phone: 617-682-0586

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