Meet Our Rotary Microtome RF-600!

Hello! For this week and the next few weeks, we’d like to introduce you to each of our new rotary microtome models. Often, it’s super confusing when exploring a product line and deciding what microtome to buy. So we want to make this easy by introducing you to each of our microtome models one-by-one, with clear details about the features that distinguish each model. 

We’ll begin with our Precisionary Rotary Microtome RF-600!

Precisionary Rotary Microtome RF-600

Our rotary microtome RF-600 is a manual model that is ideal for routine histology tissue sectioning. “Manual” means that single sections are cut and controlled using a main handwheel, and that the forward and reverse movement of the specimen holder (i.e., specimen head clamp) is controlled by a small coarse handwheel. 


This microtome provides high precision cutting and stability, which gives you reproducible, high-quality sections from paraffin wax embedded samples, or other hard specimens including polymers.


Key RF-600 Features:

    • We include TWO knife block cutting stages for free!
    • We include TWO specimen clamps for free!
    • High precision specimen feed control
    • Compatible with low-profile and high-profile blades
    • Specimen clamp is compatible with multiple cassette sixes
    • Handwheel can be stable in any 360-degree position
    • Cutting stage has blade guard and blade ejector for increased safety
    • Spacious waste tray in front is removable for easy clean-up


Technical Specifications:

Here are some quick technical specifications of the Precisionary Rotary Microtome RF-600.

If you are interested in our rotary microtomes, or have any questions, please contact us:


Precisionary Instruments


Phone: 617-682-0586

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