Precisionary Instruments WEBINAR: How to cut tissue slices on the cryostat

Our webinar on November 2, 2020 focused on a step-by-step introduction to slicing tissue on the cryostat. This is where you can learn how to perform frozen tissue sectioning techniques. This webinar was presented by Catherine McLeod, who has worked in anatomic pathology since 2007.

How to access the first webinar

If you were unable to attend this webinar on improving tissue slice quality, don’t worry—We recorded the webinar and have posted it to the Precisionary YouTube channel. You can access it here:

About our speaker

Our guest speaker for this webinar is Catherine McLeod, who received her MS in pathology from Boston University School of Medicine, was an anatomic pathology supervisor at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Milton, MA for 6 years, and currently works for South Shore Hospital as a Pathologists’ Assistant.

Webinar objectives

Our learning objectives were:

  • To understand frozen section technique, when it is used, and its applications in research and clinical studies.
  • To learn how to cut gross specimens of tissue to prepare for cutting on the cryostat.
  • To learn how to section tissue on the cryostat step-by-step:
    • How to embed tissue in OCT
    • How to use a heat extractor during embedding
    • How to section thin slices on the cryostat and collect slices onto glass slides
  • To learn about the basic dyes used in pathology (H&E)
  • To understand how to troubleshoot:
    • Technical issues
    • Staining issues
    • Cutting artifacts (under/over-freezing, knife artifacts, ice crystals, air bubbles)
    • Tissue types (small/large, fatty tissue, hard tissue)

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