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Will the Compresstome Work for my Experiments?

How do you determine if the Compresstome vibrating microtome will work for your experiments? Take a look at our References! At Precisionary Instruments, we understand that purchasing a new tissue slicer or vibrating microtome is a critical decision. While we work to support you and inform you of the many benefits of purchasing our vibrating microtome, sometimes you just need evidence that the Compresstome is as great as it sounds.

We offer publications lists using Compresstome

Our customers around the world have used the Compresstome vibrating microtome for a wide range of experiments. We have hundreds of customers around the world sectioning an array of animal models and tissue types. Some of the lists of References who have used the Compresstome for their research include:

Animal ModelTissue TypeExperiments
Rodents (mouse & rat)Brain (live, fixed, + brainstem!)Electrophysiology
Chick (gallus gallus)HeartImmunohistochemistry
PigsSpinal CordPrecision-cut lung slices
FishLungIn-situ hybridization
FrogTumorSlice Culture
Guinea PigMuscleImaging
Human (+ non-human primates!)LiverElectron microscopy


Ask us if we have the references for a specific organ system or animal model you work with. We will be happy to check our library of over 200 references to send you the relevant ones for your experiments.


We Are Here for You

At Precisionary Instruments, we care about our customers and their work. We want to support them the best we can, and our lists of references are one of the many ways we enjoy doing so. That’s why when you send us a quote inquiry via our website, we ask you for what animal model, tissue type, and experiments you wish to use the Compresstome for. We hope that these lists will help you determine that you will produce exceptional slices using the Compresstome vibrating microtome.

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