Precisionary Instruments Online E-Store

Giving you an easier shopping experience

We’re making the purchasing experience easier for you! Precisionary Instruments now has an online store:

Our e-Store is launching with all of our products, parts, accessories, and consumables available for one-click shopping. This is a great way for us to streamline and simplify the payment experience for you.

Buy consumables and parts with 1-click!

It’s a new way to shop for everything you need for the Compresstome vibratome. Our most popular items for the tissue slicer include:

  • Cutting blades (both stainless steel & ceramic blades)
  • Agarose tablets (for tissue embedding)
  • Buffer trays
  • Specimen tubes & tube kits

Compresstome E-Store agarose tablets

Agarose tablets

Compresstome E-Store cutting blades

Cutting blades

Compresstome E-Store buffer trays

Buffer trays

How to get started with the Compresstome E-Store

To get started, navigate to any product page for more details about the product, including specifications, descriptions, and item numbers. Prices are directly listed for parts and consumables. Our main e-Store categories are divided into:

  • Consumables
  • Parts

Compresstome E-Store Payment & Shipping

Best of all, you can now pay with a lab credit card. This helps save you time from waiting for a purchase order to go through. Our new Compresstome e-Store provides us with a lot more flexibility.

After you purchase from the e-Store, we will receive your order immediately and process it the same business day. Shipments take about 2-3 days in the United States, and about 7 days internationally.

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