Introducing the NEW Precisionary Cryostat!

Introducing the NEW Precisionary Cryostat!

Cryostats are used in wide variety of research and clinical fields to produce thinly sectioned tissue for visualizing fine cellular details. As tissue slicing experts, our company has focused on the design and development of a superior cryostat. We would now like to introduce you to the brand new Precisionary Cryostat (Model CF-6100).Best of all, get a 25% discount on our introductory offer. This saves you thousands of dollars in research budget.

Newly Designed Cryostat CF-6100

To promote and support high quality tissue sectioning in pathology, dermatology, and histology labs, we have designed and created the CF-6100 cryostat as a state-of-the-art freeze microtome.

The CF-6100 cryostat is a high precision microtome with dual compressors, UV light disinfection, LED touchscreen control panel, and much more. Explore the technical specifications here.

Key Feature

  1.   Extra large freeze chamber has UV light sterilization, automatic defrost, and standby mode.
  2. . LED touchscreen control panel is large and easy to use.
  3. . Top of cryostat allows for easy storage and access to glass slides, stains, and tools.
  4. . Smooth turning handwheel with 360∘ locking mechanism.
  5.  Double compressor system allows for fast freezing and robust lifespan of cryostat.
  6. . Waste collection for liquid condensate is safe and easily accessible.
  7.  Fast freeze Peltier shelf can hold 36 specimen discs at one time.
  8.  Specimen holder is easily adjustable and clamps to specimen disc for stability.
  9.  Knife holder is fully adjustable with anti-rolling plate and blade guard

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