25%* OFF on all Compresstome® VF-310-0Z and VF-210-0Z vibrating microtomes


* Does not include purchase from the following countries: Those under EIMEA, China, Japan, and South Korea
* Valid only for VF-310-0Z, and VF-210-0Z sales, Does not include additional accessory purchases.

Meet Our Global Distributors & Partners

Today, we will like to share with you our Global Distributors & Partners! Our Global Distributors & Partners are companies around the world that sell our products internationally. We work with our Global Distributors & Partners directly, and they work directly with our customers from the corresponding countries. This creates a smooth buying process for everyone involved.   Our Global Distributors & Partners are expanding the global footprint of the Compresstome®. With hundreds of Compresstome® models already sold around the world, our partners are fundamental towards the growth of our products and company.   Some of our Global Distributors and Partners include:    
Country Partner Logo
China World Precision Instruments
Japan BrainVision Inc.
Brazil Sellex Inc.
Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratories
South Korea JNOPTIC Co., Ltd
South Korea Kim & Friends, Inc
India Biogenuix
  Interested in becoming a Global Distributor or Partner with Precisionary Instruments? Contact us today to schedule a detailed discussion, we are happy to hear from you!

Website: www.precisionary.com
Phone: 617-682-0586
E-mail: info@precisionary.com
Quote Request: https://test-precisionary.pantheonsite.io/instant-quote/

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