Compresstome® Magnetic Blade Holder (for VF-210/310/500/510-0Z)


NEW premium magnetic blade holder for Compresstome® vibrating microtome. Each blade holder has built-in magnets to securely hold stainless steel blades without glue. Ceramic and tungsten blades can also be used with glue. The blade holder tightens onto the Compresstome® oscillating head unit with a small Allen wrench (included) and is easily removable. Full 1-year warranty.

Compatible with the following models:

  • Compresstome VF-210-0Z
  • Compresstome VF-310-0Z
  • Compresstome VF-500-0Z
  • Compresstome VF-510-0Z


  • 1 magnetic blade holder
  • 1 Allen wrench
  • 1 small screw

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