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* Valid only on all VF-310-0Z, and VF-210-0Z sales, Does not include additional accessory purchases.

Coring Tools


Multi-purpose sampling coring tool, designed with retractable cutting cannulla for easy operation. Efficient, safe, fast and precise, the coring tool has a razor sharp stainless steel cutting tip, is designed to cut, retrieve and store cored samples from source materials such as skin, tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips, films or other thin, soft substrates.
Each tissue coring tool is individually packaged and ethylene oxide sterilized.
Available coring tool diameters:
– 1.0mm
– 1.5mm
– 2.0mm
– 2.5 mm
– 3.0mm
– 3.5mm
– 4.0mm
– 4.5mm
– 5.0mm
– 6.0mm
– 7.0mm
– 8.0mm
– 10.0mm
– 12.0mm
Available in packs of 25 or 50 individual tools.