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At Precisionary Instruments, we are proud to offer several top-of-the-line rotary microtome models for histopathology. The models we have include manual, semi-automated, and fully automated microtomes. Rotary microtomes are used for cutting paraffin-embedded tissue samples for research and clinical studies. These instruments can also be utilized to cut hard materials for work in other fields, including studies of polymers and hard substances.

Please explore below the rotary microtome models we offer. Contact us for a free quote: We respond within 24 business hours!

Model RF-600

  • Manual
  • Ideal for routine histology needs
  • High precision specimen feed
  • Universal cassette clamp

Model RF-800

  • Semi-automated
  • LCD touchscreen control panel
  • Easy-to-use operation
  • Section counting functions
  • Fast forward & fast backward speeds
  • Large-volume waste tray

Model RF-1000

  • Fully automated
  • Allows for motorized and manual sectioning
  • LCD touchscreen shows slice and trimming controls
  • Specimen retraction function is built-in
  • Handwheel can be locked in any position
  • Emergency stop control

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