SmartCage® for Behavioral Research

What is SmartCage®?

SmartCage® is a animal behavioral phenotyping cage that uses noninvasive multi-biosensors to track, quantify, and analyze in vivo behaviors. A single SmartCage® can assess up to 16 different behavioral tests. Up to 16 SmartCage® units can be run simultaneously with one computer.

SmartCage® enables researchers to achieve higher throughput behavioral tests, meaning that you can complete more studies with greater accuracy.

Up to 16 SmartCage® units can be monitored by one computer at a time.

What makes SmartCage® unique?

  • Customization: Each SmartCage® can be customized and built to your research needs for the specific behavioral tests you use. Use our customization questionnaire to design your own SmartCage®.
  • Affordability: SmartCage® is incredibly affordable, because you only pay for the test features you want.
  • Easy to use: Each SmartCage® can simply be hooked up to a computer, and our software is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Training and support: We provide full video training, research and behavioral test protocols, and superb customer support for all users of SmartCage®.

Customize your own SmartCage®

Design and customize the SmartCage® for your research needs below: