Society for Neuroscience (SfN) is the largest neuroscience society in the world. This year, the SfN conference was held in Chicago, IL between October 19th – 23rd, and Precisionary Instruments was situated in Booth #639 showcasing the newest Compresstome® vibratomes.

Why does Precisionary Instruments Attend SfN?

Each year, Precisionary Instruments brings our best-selling models to SfN, where we get to meet you in person about your experiments, answer your questions, and show you the Compresstome® vibratome tissue slicer in action! 

The Precisionary’s Sales team had a great time meeting everyone who had attended SFN. Precisionary Instruments is proud to be part of such a robust and diverse community that focuses in discovering new ideas and sharing research to congregating scientists from around the world. At this year’s SFN, Precisionary Instruments showcased their latest flagship VF-310-0Z Compresstome tissue slicers. The team’s demonstrations with the VF-310-0Z tissue slicer’s renowned auto zero-z and compression technology was met with a plethora of positive feedback from scientists around the world. Researchers are always pleasantly surprised with how small and compact our tissue slicers are, as the VF-310-0Z challenges new ways in how a vibrating microtome slices tissue while still maintaining our acclaimed affordable costs.

We appreciate the vast amount of interest expressed in our innovative flagship VF-310-0Z tissue slicer as the team enjoyed educating scientists the range of benefits for using a Compresstome tissue slicer for their experimental needs. We are a passionate group of people who are further fueled from the people we meet during our journey in advancing scientific technologies that help make the world a better place.

For those that we had not have the pleasure of meeting, make sure to come say hello at next year’s SFN conference in Washington D.C. and test out our leading products in the industry!

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