Compresstome® Starter Kit


Just add tissue

At Precisionary Instruments, we proudly design and manufacture the Compresstome® vibrating microtome for affordable prices to meet your research needs.


To make the setup process as easy as possible, we also offer the Compresstome Starter Kit box. The Starter Kit contains all of the materials needed for you to get started with using the Compresstome® slicer, without having to order or buy additional materials. Whether you are doing electrophysiology, or immuno-staining, or tissue culture, all you need is just your tissue sample.



Contents of Compresstome® Starter Kit:

Agarose tablets

The Starter Kit comes with 10 agarose tablets. The agarose we use has a low transition temperature, so that after heating up and melting the agarose tablet, you can keep the agarose in a warm water bath to prevent it from congealing.  We include 10 agarose samples, which is enough for at least 10 tissue specimens.


We use both ceramic blades and stainless steel double-edge blades, of which the latter is included in the Starter Kit.


Plastic disposable pipettes are included for easy transfer of agarose into the specimen tubes for embedding


We recommend this type of super glue, which is less viscous, for securing tissue specimens to the specimen tube


We include small forceps for easy manual manipulation of all tissue types.

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