Choosing a Rotary Microtome

We can help you choose the right rotary microtome for histopathology and more!


Rotary microtomes are commonly used for tissue slices in histology and pathology. These microtomes work through a handwheel that can be rotated, and the handwheel controls the up-and-down movement of the specimen head that holds the tissue sample. The specimen head moves up-and-down over a stable cutting knife to produce thin sections that can be collected and further processed or stained. Here are some advantages of using a rotary microtome:

    • You can cut really thin sections of tissue, down to 1µm! With ultra-thin rotary microtomes, you can go even lower
    • Cutting is quick and easy, allowing for high through-put sectioning. This is great when you need to do serial cutting of samples
    • You can cut harder materials, like tissue embedded in paraffin-wax, and certain polymers or resins
    • Rotary microtomes are easy to operate and clean up

Some disadvantages of vibrating microtomes include:

    • Unfortunately, you cannot cut live tissue specimens on a rotary microtome. If you need live tissue slices, you can make it with a Compresstome® vibrating microtome.
    • Typically, you can’t make sections that are too thick, because it can lead to cracking of the tissue slice.


We’re experts in rotary microtomes, and are thrilled to help you choose the right one! Here are a few questions to consider:

    • Are you slicing live or fixed tissue?
    • What are you embedding your tissue in?
    • How thick or thin do you want your tissue slices?
    • What experiments do you plan to use your tissue slices for?

Based on your answers, you may find these points helpful:

We’re experts in tissue slicing, so don’t hesitate to ask us your questions!


 Rotary microtomes are a big purchase for a lab, so there are several important factors to think about:

Here is how Precisionary Instruments can help meet your rotary microtome needs:

    • Price: Our price for microtomes are competitive. We also price match and beat competitor prices by 10%.
    • Tissue slice quality: We experimentally test the cutting quality of every single rotary microtome we sell, to ensure each unit can produce consistent quality tissue slices. 
    • Microtome quality: Our microtomes are made of the highest quality materials and are robust. They will support your experiments for many years.
    • Delivery time: Only takes about 1-2 weeks from receipt of your order for our in-stock microtomes to reach you.
    • Warranty: We offer a full 3-year warranty for rotary microtomes, which covers repairs, parts, labor, and shipping.
    • Annual service plan: At the end of your warranty, we offer annual service agreements to take care of your microtome for years to come.
    • Customer service & support: We are known for excellent customer service and product support. You can reach us quickly by e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, and video. You’ll always talk to a real person.
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