Explore the diverse fields and experiments where our microtomes can help you
Produce healthier slices for patch-clamp, field recordings, and calcium imaging for brain, heart, and kidney tissue slices.
Our rotary microtomes help you create perfectly coinsistent and thin sections that are free of chattermarks.

Use our Compresstome® tissue slicer and rotary microtomes to create smooth, thin & consistent sections for protein staining.

Get higher quality live tissue slices for studies of lung, liver, kidney, gut, spleen, and reproductive tissues. Excellent for enzyme or toxicology research.

Use the Compresstome® vibratome for organotypic brain slice cultures and tumor slice cultures.

Both Compresstomes® and rotary microtomes can cut certain polymers, resins, and cellular matrices for biomedical and mechanical engineering research.

Our microtomes help cut ultrathin sections used for EM imaging.

Our microtomes are able to cut consistent slices of plant leaves, stems, seeds, and roots.
Explore how to make tissue slices for in-situ hybridization and sectioning of large organs like non-human primate brains.
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