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  • without chattermarks
  • with consistent thicknesses
  • At a faster speed
  • At as thin as 4 um

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Compresstome vibrating microtome

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Real lab examples

“3D” use of animal tissues in experimental design

Have you wondered how one mouse brain may be used for multiple experiments? Come discover the strategy behind using animal tissues for multi-use research experiments, so that your tissue samples can go further. Dr. Yiying Zhang from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital is our guest webinar speaker. For this Precisionary webinar, Dr. Zhang will discuss a “3D” use of animal tissues in planning experimental designs in academic research.

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From two-dimensional to three-dimensional histopathology using a Compresstome®

Dr. Wong shares how he built a custom-made Compresstome® for high-speed histological 3D imaging of whole organs like brains.

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Interactions between Saturated Fat, Cytokines, and Microglia in the Ventral Striatum

Dr. Fordahl will highlight how proinflammatory cytokines alter dopamine terminal function, and how increasing dietary fat intake may enhance microglial activity.

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The locus coeruleus (LC) mediates behavioral flexibility

Dr. Greta Vargova is going to present their most recent publication, in which they show the link between locus coeruleus activity and behavioral flexibility.


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