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Bose SK, White BM, Kashyap MV, Dave A, De Bie FR, Li H, Singh K, Menon P, Wang T, Teerdhala S, Swaminathan V, Hartman HA, Jayachandran S, ChandrasekaranP, Musunuru K, Jain R, Frank DB, Zoltick P, Peranteau WH. In utero adenine base editing corrects multi-organ pathology in a lethal lysosomal storage disease. Nat Commun. 2021 Jul 13;12(1):4291. PMID: 34257302; PMCID: PMC8277817. Download PDF

Lewis TR, Shores CR, Cady MA, Hao Y, Arshavsky VY, Burns ME. The F220C and F45L rhodopsin mutations identified in retinitis pigmentosa patients do not cause pathology in mice. Sci Rep. 2020 May 5;10(1):7538. PMID: 32371886; PMCID: PMC7200662. Download PDF

Rochon PL, Theriault C, Rangel Olguin AG, Krishnaswamy A. The cell adhesion molecule Sdk1 shapes assembly of a retinal circuit that detects localized edges. Elife. 2021 Sep 21;10:e70870. PMID: 34545809; PMCID: PMC8514235. Download PDF

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