Precisionary Guarantee: Commitment

The Precisionary Guarantee

What is the Precisionary Guarantee? We at Precisionary Instruments uphold our products to a high standard and test every single product before release. To express our confidence in Precisionary’s products,

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Compresstome® Starter Kits

What are Compresstome Starter Kits? Do you ever wish you received all the consumables you need when you purchase a new piece of lab equipment? Well, now you can! When

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Compresstome E-Store agarose tablets

Precisionary Instruments Online E-Store

Giving you an easier shopping experience We’re making the purchasing experience easier for you! Precisionary Instruments now has an online store: Our e-Store is launching with all of our

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Meet our Rotary Microtome RF-600!
This is the first of our three new models we just launched. Our RF-600 is our fully manual model ideal for routine histology sectioning. Learn more here:
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We are proud to introduce our NEW rotary microtome models! Contact us today to receive your FREE quote with a 50% discount applied!
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Introducing our latest vibrating microtome for electrophysiology: the Compresstome® VF-500-0Z! Built specifically for cutting reproducible, healthy, high-quality live brain slices; contact us today to learn more and obtain your free quote!


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We will be retiring #Compresstome VF-200-0Z, VF-300-0Z, and VF-700-0Z in 2022. Read more on our blog:

Learn about #musictherapy, the #harp, and the #brain in our recent #blog article:

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