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Slicing Parameters

Here are recommended speed and oscillation settings for tissue sectioning

Cutting Parameters

These are suggested slicing parameters for the Compresstome® vibrating microtomes. Please note that you may need to adjust these settings to optimize tissue sectioning for your own experiments.

Tissue or SampleAdvance (Speed)Oscillation (Frequency)Suggested Agarose Concentration (%)

  • Precision-cut lung slices (PCLS)

General fixed tissues1.5-23-42%
Brain (live)

  • Electrophysiology

  • Imaging

Organotypic slices:

  • Tumor research

  • Cultured slices

Retina (fixed or acute slices

  • *Infuse with agarose or gelatin to replace vitreous humor

Kidney (acute slices)3-45-62.5%
Liver (acute slices)3-45-62.5%
Cardiac (fixed or acute slices

  • *Infuse with agarose or gelatin to fill atria/ventricles

Gut (fixed or acute slices)3-43-42.5%
Plants (leaves and stems)3-44-52%
Plants (seeds)6-82-32.5%
Skin (epidermis)2-35-62.5%
Muscle (fixed or acute slices)2-34-62.5%
Adipose (fixed or acute slices)4-55-61.8%
Lymph node (fixed or acute slices)1.5-25-62.5%
Spleen (fixed or acute slices)3-46-72%
Polymers or hard materials (for paint analysis, matrices, etc)We recommend that you use a rotary microtome for hard material sectioning. Check out our product line of high quality rotary microtomes here.

Speed & Oscillation (Frequency) Settings

Below are speed and oscillation (frequency) conversions for Compresstome® VF-510-0Z vibratomes. The graphs help identify the linear speed (mm/s) and oscillation frequency (Hz) of the control box parameters.